Current Students:


Raj Gautam Dutta

Yumin Hou


Dean Sullivan

Orlando Arias

Haoqi Shan

Yichen Jiang

Yaodan Hu

Kaichen Yang

Maximillian Panoff

Master Students

Miles Mulet

Visiting Scholars

Honggang Yu

Kejun Chen

Undergraduate Students

Marquez Jones

Ty Van Roy

John Carr

Previous PhD Students:

Kaveh Shamsi

Xiaolong Guo

Fahim Rahman (co-advised by Dr. Mark Tehranipoor)

Travis Meade (co-advised by Dr. Shaojie Zhang)

Raj Gautam Dutta

Previous Visiting Scholars:

Jiaji He

Previous Undergraduate Students:

Jacob Crain

Tyler J Sparks

Claire Seiler

Timon Angerhofer

Fernando Guerra

Brian Choi (UF University Multicultural Mentor Program (UMMP))

Wesley Piard

Christopher Crary

Amon Harris (REU Site student)

Jacob Hazelbaker

Andrew Hughes

Alexis Drayton

Coleman Rogers

Jacob Wurm (Raytheon SI)

Khoa Hoang

Orlando Arias (PhD student at the University of Central Florida)

Kayshaunna Williams (REU Site Student)

Bryan Pearson (REU Site Student)

Nathalie Domingo (REU Site student)

Thomas Louisville

Andrew Mendoza

Igor Prokopenko (Associate Information Security and Compliance Analyst at Pub-lix Super Markets)

Patrick Armengol (Graduate student at the Florida International University)

Grant Hernandez (PhD student at the University of Florida)

Dean Sullivan (PhD student at the University of Florida)

Brandon Frazer (Associate electrical engineer at Mitsubishi Power Systems Amer-icas)

Ryan Dixon (Electrical engineer associate at Lockheed Martin)

Victor Medina (Raytheon SI)

Danny Aybar

Ritika Oswal

Roland Anderson

Richard Klimek

Jeff Biggers

Henry Chan

I am currently looking for new MS and PhD students with financial support provided. Please refer to the position openings page for detailed requirements.